Professional Experience

Head, Department of Chemistry, Central University of Rajasthan, India       2015 – Present

Dean, School of Chemical Sciences and Pharmacy, Central University of Rajasthan, India       2015 – Present

Associate Professor,  Central University of Rajasthan, India       2012 – Present

Visiting Scholar/Instructor, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA     2010 – 2012

Instructor, University systems of Georgia, Georgia Perimeter College, GA, USA     2011 – 2012

Senior Postdoctoral Research Associate, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA    2009 – 2010

Postdoctoral Research Associate,  Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA   2003 – 2009

Research Associate, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India    2002 – 2003


Courses taught/teaching

Ph.D. Course work:   Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Topics in Chemistry (Inorganic component), Laboratory course

M.Sc. Chemistry:       CHT-102 and BCHT-102 (Chemistry of Maingroup Elements), CHT-201 (Chemistry of Transition Metals), CHT-301 (Spectroscopy), CHT-405 (Bioinorganic                                        Chemistry), CHP-102 (Inorganic Laboratory-I), CHP-201 (Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory-II), CHP-301 (Inorganic Chemistry Lab-III)

Integrated M.Sc. and Integrated MSc BEd :  ICHT-501 (Inorganic Chemistry-II), ICHT-101 (Inorganic Chemistry-I), ICHP-101 (Inorganic Chemistry Lab-I), ICHP-501 (Inorganic                                                                                    Chemistry Laboratory-II)

UG Chemistry:        CHEM1151 (Survery of Chemistry-I), CHEM1151L (Laboratory), CHEM1211 (General Chemistry-I), CHEM1212 (General Chemistry-II)