Dr. Sunil G. Naik is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, School of Chemical Sciences and Pharmacy at the Central University of Rajasthan (CURAJ). He is currently the Head, Department of Chemistry and also the Dean for the School of Chemical Sciences adn Pharmacy at the Central University of Rajasthan. Prior to joining CURAJ, Dr. Naik had worked in many different capacities such as Visiting Scholar, Instructor and Postdoctoral Fellow in different institutions both in India and in USA.

His area of research has its locus in the interface of Chemistry and Biology. Apart from the synthetic Inorganic chemistry, some of his research works were thematically focused on the structural and functional studies of iron-containing proteins, which catalyze a variety of important biological reactions. These works involved biophysical/bioinorganic techniques, and essentially required sophisticated skill in handling oxygen-sensitive reactions, and rapid freeze quench techniques in trapping the reaction intermediates at milli seconds time to study enzyme reaction mechanism.

The research projects done at the post-doctoral level were also aimed at the understanding of the interaction of metal ions in enzymes/proteins with other chemical and biological molecules. The hypothesized scheme was to find out the chemical basis for the biological roles and physiological effects of metal ions and protein-based free radicals.

Dr. Sunil Naik had partnered with eminent scientists like Prof. B. H. Huynh at Emory university, USA and with Prof. Aimin Liu of Georgia State University, USA, on understanding the structure and function of Iron containing enzymes at a molecular level. Dr. Naik had also participated in and  significantly contributed to the work of major research teams of Prof. S. J. Lippard (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), Prof. J. Martin Bollinger Jr.  and Prof. Carsten Krebs (Penn State University, USA), Prof. Dennis R. Dean (Virginia Tech, USA), Prof. Michael K. Johnson (University of Georgia Athens), Prof. F. Wayne Outten (Univ of South Carolina), and Prof. Joan B. Broderick (Montana State University, USA), Dr Naik's group had employed a combination of bioinorganic, biophysical and molecular biology techniques to investigate most interesting developments in iron containing proteins including (a) O2-activating diiron enzymes, (b) biosynthesis of Fe-S clusters and (c) novel functions of Fe-S proteins/enzymes. 

Dr. Sunil Naik had designed mono- and bi-nuclear ligands for specific applications and synthesized metal complexes with these ligands. He designed and synthesized models for type-2 sites of copper proteins in dopamine β-hydroxylase, catechol oxidase and covalent linkage of the mononuclear type-2 and binuclear type-3 structural mimics for the active sites of multicopper oxidases. He had also synthesized high nuclearity cluster using a self assembly concept for understanding the aspects of single molecule magnets. His research involves interdisciplinary area which involves the structure determination by single crystal x-ray, magneto-structural correlation of the metal complexes, reaction kinetics, thermal studies and also the relevance of metal complexes in biology.